I have to leave my bubble

I’m on day 42 of the 100 day sober challenge.

I decided to start a blog today because I suddenly have to go out there and face life. I’ve been in a lovely safe sober cocoon all summer, and now I have to leave it. I’ve been feeling anxious and afraid since I found out I’d have to go out this afternoon, not really because I think I might drink, more likely because I went to this same place a few weeks ago, and that was the occasion that made me really question whether I should be drinking. There are all sorts of demons there.

But I’ll be with people I know, so I just hope I can get past all the ‘oh, so you’re not drinking’ comments, hope my husband doesn’t leave me at any point, and wait until we can go home. That sounds really awful, I know.

I’m going to be late if I don’t go and get ready… wish me luck!



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