less stress

I felt more confident at work today. I had a conversation with the head of department about something that had been bugging me. I just wanted to let him know what was going on, and how I felt about it really.
I think it’s probably better to do that than keep quiet and then complain about it at home, which is what I usually do.

I feel so much less stressed in general. Yes, I know Sunday was obviously an exception! But I don’t want to be worried about expressing good feelings, just in case I happen to have some bad ones too.

Don’t get me wrong, the same old issues are still there – money being one of them – but I don’t feel as though they are taking over my mind as much as they did before. I don’t dwell on them so much.
Which is obviously a good thing. And it’s leaving room in my brain for new ideas on how to fix things, or stay on top of stuff.

Like paying more attention to my bank account and organising myself so that I’ll be OK until payday. And remembering what they say about focusing on abundance – we still have a few John Lewis vouchers so I can get something frivolous to demonstrate my faith in an abundant universe! (Digital bathroom scales are on the wishlist – not so sure that’s a good idea considering my current daily intake of cake).
And dealing with stuff as it comes up, enabling my mind to move on and not be so stuck.

Being sober is great. I’m so glad I decided to do this 🙂


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