Beware of Problem *Lite*

What was I saying about less stress??!!
In the last four days, the following has happened to me twice:
First of all, Problem *Lite* arises. I take swift action to avoid it, it’s a little bit stressful, but nothing too horrendous, and give myself a pat on the back. All sorted.
Then, the very next day, Problem *Lite* makes itself known again, this time as Problem *Real*. I become much more distressed, thinking I had got rid of it already, yet it has returned, and it is WORSE!
See, in the first place, I wasn’t solving anything, just avoiding. Something happened, I got the chance to express my feelings about it, but nothing actually changed. I didn’t deal with anything.

So avoiding the issue is clearly not the way to go. But the current situation involves a colleague at work. Who I see every day. I’m finding it very difficult. I have just spoken to my counsellor about it (it just came up and she seemed to want to carry on discussing it), and she explained some stuff about Transactional Analysis. She said I could try dealing with this by adopting a position of ‘Adult Ego’, rather than ‘Adaptive Child’ to this person’s ‘Critical Parent’. I think it sounds easier than it is in practice, but it’s worth a try!

None of this would have even been on my radar before I quit the wine.

Note to self though; beware of Problem *Lite*…!


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