Oh, Sugar!

Recently I have been trying to cut down my sugar intake. I know now, how damaging it can be, and I really would like to feel the benefits of having a lot less of it in my life.

But I find it sooooo hard! the temptation is just so great, and then when I give in, I feel extremely guilty. Sound familiar….?!

I’ve just come in from work and eaten TWO white chocolate chip cookies! Two!! And I’ve got two teaspoons of sugar in this coffee I’m drinking…the shame!

I think I need a bit more information than what I’ve gleaned from a few YouTube videos, and reading around on the internet. A book, maybe. I have ordered ‘Seven Weeks To Sobriety’, which is a nutrition-based approach to quitting alcohol, and does involve cutting out sugar. Feeling has read it, and put it into practice. But books from Amazon seem to take aeons to arrive. Apparently I can expect to receive it between 20th Sept and 20th Oct. Hmm.

Tomorrow will see me venturing over the hills and into town (wedding guest outfit final purchases) where there is a half-decent book shop. More expensive than Amazon, but more instant gratification – which I like 😀

I think I may have been making progress prior to my two-biscuit binge. I saw my counsellor on Wednesday (the subject of a future post perhaps), and she did say I looked really well – glowing, even!

So I might come back with a copy of ‘I Quit Sugar’ tomorrow, who knows. Does anyone have any recommendations for my reading list?


7 thoughts on “Oh, Sugar!”

  1. Glowing = good! 🙂

    And yeah, sugar is amazing. I quit from 3 liters of diet coke and at least 2 liters of strong black tea a day, no problem. 25-40 Sigarettes a day. No problem. 12 Units of beer a day. No problem. No cravings. Sugar? I secretly binged 2 days ago. Ate 3 cookies and a piece of nougat. Is that a problem? Not for 98% of the people reading this, most of my girlfriends would even laugh if I mentioned it.

    But I worry because it sets me on a path and because I do it while I should know better and I still do it. And alcohol addiction in my body type is closely linked to sugar eating. So I don’t want to go there and it scares me – as long as I crave sugar I don’t feel ‘safe’, it reminds me how strong substances are and how addiction really gets to me even though the biggest issue, alcohol, is not playing a part anymore / anymore-isch.

    To prevent the bloodsugar level quick rise and drop I continued with eating a lot of fat. That keeps me from getting depressed but shit, would I like to be able to deal with this.

    I have done it before. Quit like I did with alcohol in a ‘you shall not pass’ kind of way but now, and even knowing what is at stake I cannot. I read ‘Sugar blues’ 20-25 years ago but I gave it away. Little Petunia recommended: ‘The Blood sugar solution: 10 day detox diet’. And she knows the name of a blogger that did it and blogged about it. I am going to order it. Yes! Wanna get it over with.

    I’m interested to hear how you continue. 🙂 Enjoy your shoppings :-).

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  2. I don’t personally subscribe to the idea that sugar is damaging. Like fat and gluten, I think sugar has a certain aura of unhealthiness with no credible science to back it up. There are books supporting and condemning every food group.

    Not drinking is most important. If a couple of biscuits help with that, and you can find a way for that to be acceptable, life is good.

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  3. Hmm, perhaps sugar isn’t quite the devil incarnate that some people like to make out… But I can’t help feeling as though excesses of refined sugar, which seem to be the norm in say, for example, the developed western world, are not healthy for the human body.
    I didn’t always think this way – I thought as long as you burn off the calories and eat a low fat diet, you’re OK. I strongly disagreed with the Atkins diet. But it’s not as simple as that.
    Even at school, recently setting up for experiments involving starch and sugars, has reinforced what I’ve learned about how the body deals with refined carbohydrates, and the associated sudden influx of glucose into the blood…
    BUT you’re right, life IS good! If I can’t cope without a biscuit, and two sugars in my coffee, I will try to go easy on myself. Because being sober is THE most important thing 🙂

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  4. How much sugar a body can handle varies from person to person. For some people like myself it is poison. For some people it is not a problem. Most (ex) alcohol dependent people have full blown hypoglecymia. That is responible for all the PAWS symptoms. Doctor Joan Mathew Larsons found out that a big difference between staying clean and relapse was quitting sugar and smoking. And…. of course you can debate that people that do all those things are more aware in the first place. Not sure. But I don’t want to take chances.

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  5. I love me some sugar. But I try to enjoy sweet things in moderation. You can fill a bowl with fresh blueberries and strawberries (or any berries you like) and put some fresh whipped cream (which is less than 20 calories a serving) on top and enjoy a sweet guilt-free treat. I love the “Eat This Not That” series. http://www.eatthis.com/home

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  6. Sometimes I wonder if going the sugar route is part of why I continue to go back to drinking; it does the same thing w/in our bodies, so it’s almost as if I’m still drinking in a way, even when I’m not. Talk about banging one’s head against the wall, eh?

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