New Theme

I have changed my theme, today, from Elegant Grunge to Able.

I like it, but it’s taking a bit of getting used to….

My other ‘new theme’ I suppose, is being sober. I don’t currently have any sort of commitment to a ‘challenge’ as such – I’m just being sober. I’m not sure if this is a good idea…signing up to the 180 day challenge may be a better option.

The thing is, last night, my husband came home with a couple of bottle of Rose, given to him by a customer. He opened one of them straight away, and I was so glad I’ve never really been a fan of Rose. Had they been Cab Sav, I may have had a small problem! I was tired and stupidly had eaten too much cake – probably due to low blood sugar. So I was in a bit of a strange mood. And that combination of wine suddenly being available, my 100 day challenge complete and feeling tired and weird, was not good. It’s the closest I’ve been to drinking in weeks.

So wolfie is still lurking. I can’t afford to rely on my new habit of not drinking wine to stay sober. Complacency is not permitted at this point, I’ve realised!

My plan is to ‘refresh’ everything I have been doing so far, to really look at what it is that I need to be doing to keep myself sober. And take note of any patterns I become aware of – such as low blood sugar around 5pm – and find ways around these potential wolfie windows.

I’ve been saying it for ages, but I must get more sleep, do some exercise, and cut down sugar.

The thing that was stopping me from signing up for 180 days was the fact that I might like a drink on Christmas Day. BUT the more I think about it, the more fear I have of drinking again. What was it someone said on their blog – I don’t want to feel regret in the form of a glass of wine – or something along those lines.

I’m not especially brimming with energy or hyper productive at the moment, but I’m still in love with the effects of sobriety and I don’t want to lose it.


One thought on “New Theme”

  1. Wow! You sound like me. I am like 20 days away from my 100 days. Not sure, I’d have to go back and count. Not sure why I don’t pay closer attention to it. Anyway, I keep thinking about maybe drinking in the future. Like, Christmas, New Years, if we go on vacation, etc. Yet, I don’t know if that can or should happen. I have too many thoughts on the subject constantly running through my mind. I still thought I would feel so much better, and have loads of energy at this point. Yet, I don’t. Aside from being hungover, I don’t feel that much better. I am tired every day and it’s seriously annoying. It makes me want to have a glass of wine. I just don’t know what the future will hold for me. Sorry this isn’t sounding super positive.


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