I’ve almost had enough

Being around people drinking is getting more difficult. I am aware of how little most people actually drink, and how much I would have been drinking if I was on the wine. Either that or I would have been trying to pace myself or moderate or whatever, and that would have been driving me crazy.
Its good to come home at the end of the evening sober, and I am proud of myself for joining  in…but it feels like a struggle at the moment to be around the drinking. In fact, its pretty exhausting. When does it start to get easier?


11 thoughts on “I’ve almost had enough”

  1. I am happy that the Netherlands does not have a Christmas period as the English speaking countries have. Is there a possibility that you skip a party? Or come early (or late) and go home early? You can see that just as another way of taking care of yourself.

    I would not have a clue when it gets easier. I’m not that far in and I only got myself in trouble the other day.


  2. Coming home sober after a party is good. Waking up sober is great.
    Now… I totally understand how you feel about noticing that people around you drink much less than you ever drunk. Same here…
    I hope it gets easier… It was an ok Christmas to me. In fact, it was not very festive because all I did was crave a drink.
    Nevertheless, Happy Holidays!

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  3. I totally relate. My biggest question has always been – how long does it take to get used to being the non-drinker? I posted a comment about that on the awesome Unpickled blog and she wrote another post about it – maybe the comments on her post will help you – https://unpickled.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/how-long-does-it-take/ I still struggle with this but I do agree that confidence is helping me deal with the uneasy moments. The better I feel about myself and stronger in my conviction to do this for myself (because it’s best for me), the easier it is for me to feel good about being the non-drinker at the party.

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