Back to basics

Another tough day at work. Afterwards I had a few things to buy, places to go. I didn’t rush, just steadily crossed things off the list, one by one. A thought struck me, whilst I was bimbling around. ‘go back to the early days’, it said. I immediately felt a little thrill of excitement – I was proud of myself during those first few weeks of sobriety, when I was in my sober bubble and taking good care of myself. It felt safe. And right now I want safe.

Treats were also a thing last summer. I even wrote in my planner every other day ‘sober treat day’. So whilst in Marks and Spencer buying milk this afternoon, I went to the chocolate section. I bought three walnut whips (well not actually walnut but chocolate-topped). Then I found the health and beauty bit, and got myself some ‘precision tweezers’. I’m fed up of crap tweezers. Just like at the beginning of sobriety, I suppose, when all those niggling little things you’ve been putting up with suddenly are intolerable, and there is no reason not to put them right. Phew, no more blunt tweezers…I really don’t know how I’ve coped!

So, listening to what I need is good. Going back to basics. Concentrating on that feeling of being a little bit proud of myself. I can get back in my sober bubble whenever I need to, surely? Whether it’s seven days, weeks, months or years…


2 thoughts on “Back to basics”

  1. I love that thought. It’s true that part of this is a lack of care for our personal well being. It might start with blunt tweezers, but it shows that we are not valuing ourselves as much as we can.

    I’m going to stop and buy myself a treat in the way home! Flowers sound nice!

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  2. Yes get some! All the stuff I did in the beginning had faded away to nothing, but today I realised I can go back to all of that if I want to. Sober treats all round! 🙂


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