It’s just life

Since yesterday’s post I’ve been up and down. Which is Ok.  I’m Ok. Yes, the ‘downs’ are really hard, and seem to last longer than ‘ups’. But I realised it’s Ok to feel this way. I have been fairly calm about everything up to now, but now that we’re in the middle of everything –  and all of it has been such a long time coming- it’s only natural for emotions to be running high. I’m not going to beat myself up about it and start thinking that I’m failing in my sobriety -I’m not. I’m just coping with life, that’s all. And 99% of any drinking thoughts I had, have evaporated. Good news.

So tonight, I swept and hoovered the floors (for about the millionth time in the last three weeks!), then showered and put clean bed linen on. The favourite duvet cover, it’s so comfortable :-). The cat is on the bed with me, I’ve had a mug of Earl Grey and I’m going to read until Mr W comes home. I can and must do self care!


4 thoughts on “It’s just life”

  1. Dear Waking Up,
    I love reading.
    I have to be sure I stop reading and do something else for awhile, or that is all I will do.
    Coping with life is hard at times.
    The more I accept that, the better off I am.
    Self care is SO important.
    My tricky question is what is it I need the most right now? (Well NOT wine, of course!)
    Sometimes I think I need one thing, when really I need something else.
    PS – Hugs!

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