More positive

I just counted on my fingers and its now day 6. I absolutely cannot drink at all even if I wanted to (I couldn’t imagine anything worse right now) because I did in fact get an infection from the hysteroscopy /biopsy procedure.
I rang the hospital to ask questions about my symptoms, fever, pain that isn’t relieved by over the counter medication, and the fact that a swab had revealed Staphylococcus aureus when I was in hospital previously. My GP had phoned me the night before the procedure to emphasise the importance of telling the gynaecologist these findings from the swab….but he never said anything like ‘you must come back to us for antibiotics immediately afterwards’. And the gynae said it wasn’t a problem, even though I mentioned it TWICE!!

Anyway I was relating all these things to a lady at the hospital and I felt really silly for not making more of a point of this risk of infection at the time, as it was becoming fairly obvious to me that I had developed an infection…. she said my GP should have given me antibiotics and to go back to them. So I did, and now I have them. Two per day and I have to be sitting or standing. So even though I had almost no sleep last night due to the pain, I’ve had to prop myself up in bed to take the tablet… then leave it another 2 hours before I can take my iron tablet!

So I cannot drink -and luckily I don’t want to!- because it’d ruin the effectiveness of the antibiotics.

I spoke to my sister about it all yesterday. She is a nurse, and she said that GPs are extremely reluctant to prescribe antibiotics these days. In the past, they would have been handing them out for lots of things, but due to the current worries about antibiotic resistance, they are not as forthcoming with scripts for these drugs. Which, of course is a very good thing, but unfortunately I had to wait until my symptoms were quite bad so that I eventually realised what was going on.

One thing which did impress me, they grow on the colonies of bacteria in the lab to then test exactly which drugs will be effective in treating the infection. How sensible!

That’s enough medical stuff… I want to say thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post. Now I’ve had a few more days to get my head around things, I do feel a bit more positive, and a lot less desperate. I want to focus on feeling well more than anything, and I’m another step in the right direction after getting to the bottom of the latest problem.

Like my sister said to me, I’m going to try not to rush too far ahead with my thoughts and fears, just take it one step at a time. And I am very familiar with doing just that in relation to sobriety. One day at a time.

Thank you for being there, everyone 🙂 xx


3 thoughts on “More positive”

  1. Oh wow, I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. I’m sure it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, but sometimes these “little” things can be a huge blessing in disguise. If you were having trouble getting more than a few days sober, it’s great that you’ll just keep adding to that. 🙂 Most importantly, I hope you get well soon. ❤

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  2. Oh! I hope you get well!
    I couldn’t have kids.
    We tried and I went through some tests, but never found out why.
    I was thinking of adopting, but I didn’t have support for this, as my family doesn’t live close.
    I understand.

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