Thinking about the drugs

So I’m on day six! I feel good being sober, and about being sober.

I was a bit quiet yesterday, thinking about everything. A bit down. Worrying about how things will be at work for the next six months or so. From about 4pm yesterday I just wanted the day to be over, to go to bed and get to the next day. Not an unbearable feeling, but I was out of sorts. I could have even actually gone to bed if I’d felt like it, like Belle I’m a huge fan of sleeping! This morning I slept until 10 am. I probably got nearly 10 hours, and I seemed to need it.

I’ve got the appointment with my Doc in a couple of days. I think I’ve decided to go for the hormone treatment for six months. I know he wants to do at least that, but I hope six months will be a good compromise. I’m sure these drugs will help to slow down the endometriosis (apparently it can never be cured) and if we do decide on IVF, I think it will improve our chances of success, according to the one or two things I found on the Internet about it (I’ve tried to avoid googling throughout this whole experience). It’s a big IF though. IVF is hugely expensive, a lot more money than we could afford. But I’m not ruling anything out…you never know what the future may hold.

I’m very happy about day 6 🙂


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