Day two

Last week I did an experiment at work for the year 13 biology students. Their practical hadn’t worked so I tried it again. On Friday,  there was one single tiny colony of bacteria on one of four agar plates…This morning I found hundreds of the lovely things on all the plates! All glowed green under UV light! Massive success with a temperamental experiment. It made my week!

I felt buoyed all day by my success. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I’m thinking of trying the ‘add-back’ therapy or whatever it’s called, which mitigates the side effects of the hormone treatment I’m on. Today has been a better day but the previous few days were awful.

It’s also day two. It’s going well so far but of course it’s a week day. Friday and Saturday will be the tough ones, so I plan to read more sober blogs, listen to some of Belles audios, and there should be a book about sobriety winging it’s way to me as we speak. I need to get a replacement drink, as well, so that when Friday rolls around my new routine will be already established and it will be easier to stick to the plan!


2 thoughts on “Day two”

  1. Hello. I’m with you. These early days are hard. I, too, need a good plan to get me through the weekend. I’ve got lots of replacement drinks up my sleeve. I’ll put one on my blog, and we can share it. Annie x

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