sobriety book

This week has been tiring so far. Husband is working late Mon -Thurs, and instead of getting home from work and taking advantage of the time to myself,  I find I’ve just been doing housework. Mm,  so much for self care. And then after a late dinner I just zone out in front of the TV which isn’t good either.

We have also been bickering. He’s stomped off upstairs to revise for a test he’s got tomorrow. I take offense when he says something thoughtless and silly, and then he gets all huffy with me. I sometimes worry that we are very different, despite our similarities. Perhaps too different?

But I’m sober. Had a fizzy orange presse drink mixed with soda water, now on Earl Grey tea. The book has arrived; The Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, by Annie Grace. It was on a list of thirteen sobriety books recommended by Holly Whitaker at Hip Sobriety. Might sack off the telly actually, and go and follow Mr W upstairs to read my book whilst he revises. I hate bickering with him but I also despair at what must go through his mind sometimes. It only adds to my feeling of coping with everything alone.

Tomorrow will be day five and must involve self care!



4 thoughts on “sobriety book”

  1. Hug
    Early sobriety can be a very stressful time.
    Perhaps you just need to tell him you are out of sorts and need a bit of leeway.
    It sounds like he’s tired too.

    Keep taking care of yourself and things will get better.

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