Things that make me feel better #2

Sunday night, I’ve made it through the weekend sober! I did have some cravings, although they weren’t bad. And I really made an effort with self care, so I’m feeling pretty good.
This afternoon I spent some time gardening as the weather was so good. I planted loads of seeds, did some weeding and generally tidied up. I had been worrying about some tiny little things going on at work, really winding myself up, but after an hour or so of being outside, I felt so much better. So gardening is number 2 on the list of things that make me feel better.
However…There is also something slightly triggery about working in the garden on a lovely warm day. But that feeling didn’t last long, and I feel great about reaching day 8.
Also feeling a bit more positive on the infertility front. I think the hormones have settled down (about time!), and I’m keen to talk to the consultant a week on Tuesday about what I need to do to be ivf ready. I really hope it’s a possibility for me…I worry that when we eventually do get to a fertility clinic, they’ll say the damage is too great and it won’t work.
But that’s not the way to approach this…I’m working on turning the negativity around – and there are plenty of bloggers out there who are inspiring me. I’m going to borrow a quote – ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. ☺


4 thoughts on “Things that make me feel better #2”

  1. Its been a fantastic day here as well. We had a birthday party to go to. Surprisingly not much drinking and I drove but I struggled in the late afternoon. The Heron valley nettle fizz won the day, so my 10th sober weekend. There will always be something waiting to ambush you so you’ve got to stay sharp and watch for the triggers. Have a good week.


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    1. Yes there’s always something…last time I let the idea I was ‘missing out’ by not drinking get the better of me. I should have found a way to get through it, then I wouldn’t be back to where I am now! Anyway, it’s going well so far…hope you have a good week too ☺

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  2. congrats on the sobriety!! that takes a lot of courage and strength! Having endo and struggling with infertility is certainly enough to deal with on its own! you inspire me xo

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