I sound like I’m 3. I’m actually 6 (days)

So, it was sober day 6 today. I started off feeling excited about my discovery of the free inventory software, and shared my ideas with N, who thought it was as amazing as I did. She then spent the whole day at the computer sorting our data ready to import. I sort of felt like a spare part, a bit left out. I do realise I sound like a three year old whose friend has pinched their new toy and won’t share… but I found the idea, and it’s my bat and it’s my ball!

Oh well. I was a bit down all day really, a bit off. Had a nap before tea which helped, and just before I drifted off, I listened to a couple of Belle’s one minute messages. She said a shitty sober day is so much better than having to face a new day one. I couldn’t agree more at this point, day one is exhausting and repeated day ones even more so. I’m moving as far away from it as I can. And the good thing about a shit day is that it has a tomorrow…

So, sober sleep time again. I love sober sleep. I love the calm of sobriety that I know will arrive. Having a brain like a humming bird on acid can get a bit wearing😐.

Sweet dreams x


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