baby raspberry…? Post #1

I use the name ‘Raspberry’ on my emails to Belle, and I wanted to stay anonymous even though I’m now writing about infertility on my sobriety blog…so this is what I’m calling the fertility posts until I can think of a better name!!

I just sent an email to my husband’s surgeon (who did the vasectomy reversal), enquiring about sperm retrieval. I’ve got a horrible feeling it’s going to cost upwards of £2000. I’m not sure whether that will fall under the treatments that my parents have offered to fund for us or not…as we move closer to things actually happening, I need to have that conversation, obviously.

The patient advisor at the fertility clinic we will be going to said that sperm retrieval should be done first, before our other tests. but I’m now wondering whether to contact her again and ask about an AMH test for me before we have anything else done. But that’s kind of a double edged sword. My gynaecologist did say to me at the last appointment that AMH testing does provide more information which is useful, however it’s not the whole story. I’ve just had a quick google too, and I found a forum where people were discussing AMH levels. One girl said pretty much the same…she was devastated when she found out her levels – they were low even though she was only 29. But she succeeded with IVF. She said AMH is not the entire picture, even though it is an indication. I’m not sure. I just want to go ahead with all of it, because a chance is a chance, right?!


2 thoughts on “baby raspberry…? Post #1”

  1. Oh no, I hope my post didn’t get you all worked up over AMH! Hopefully you are right and it’s just part of the picture, not everything. I’m just so discouraged with my journey, since it seems to be one bad thing after another. And to add more drama…after I posted my post today, my little sister called and said she was pregnant. She didn’t want to tell me since she knew I was going through my own struggles, but then that made me feel even worse. I’m happy for her of course, but it’s also devastating. Ugh. I have good feelings about you though and think it will all work out! It’s much more difficult to have the same positivity for myself!

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    1. Oh I’m sorry! I mean obviously you’re happy for her, but it’s also bloody hard when people turn up pregnant all over the place. I did start wondering about amh after reading your post but don’t worry, I would have had to think about it at some point, sooner or later. I’ve just about convinced myself that I’m not going to worry even if amh is low…its Mr W that will take some convincing if it comes to that.
      It is hard to stay positive sometimes, I agree, but I think it’s something that can be practiced intentionally. Eg thinking of each stage of the process and working through the anxiety. I was quite anxious about it all, but I’m trying to keep calm, take one step at a time, but at the same time, trying to think about a positive outcome. I have a feeling that expecting the best might be beneficial. ☺

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