Baby Raspberry..? Post #2. Testing, testing 1,2,3

Well, two tests, anyway. We’ve put the brakes on Husbands sperm retrieval procedure for the time being. He got a phonecall today from the surgeons assistant who seemed very keen to book him in for the 3rd. Nice to know they can accommodate us so quickly – Mr waking felt that the surgeon is busy sharpening his scalpel blades in readiness!

BUT we’ve decided (even though I’d like to bury my head in the sand and carry on with sperm retrieval, regardless) that I should have both the AMH test and Ultrasound before we continue any further. Before we part with £2000+ for Mr W’s procedure. Which, of course, is common sense.

I’ve booked my appointment for Friday, 12 noon. I texted Mr, and didn’t hear very much from him, but when I got home he said he’d cancelled all his work so that he can take me 🙂 Which is lovely. I’m glad he can come with me because I’m anxious…I feel strangely vulnerable. I hate the rushing back and forth from work, and I’m not overly enthused about the ultrasound wand, or having blood taken. But I can handle those aspects. It’s the results I’m worried about. If it’s bad news, this could actually put a stop to all hopes of us having a baby Raspberry. I’ll keep you posted…


6 thoughts on “Baby Raspberry..? Post #2. Testing, testing 1,2,3”

  1. I hope with all my heart that your news will be much better than mine was. ❤️. Oh–and the ultrasound wand is not too terrible; have you had one before? I find it much better than the awful speculum they use for Pap tests! (I assume the tests/instruments are same as they are in the US, so hopefully that makes sense! Haha) I’ll be thinking of you.

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    1. Yes I’ve had it before, you’re right, it’s not as bad as the speculum! Perhaps I was generally uncomfortable last time anyway, as I had the enormous endometriomas back then – ugh! Thanks for thinking of me 🙂


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