Day 17: Things that make me feel better #?

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂

I did think about drinking…not having a drink as such, just about drinking in general. I wished, at some moments, that I could just be a normal drinker and not have to worry about staying sober. But when I thought more about how drinking would feel exactly, I did not feel I was missing out. Apart from anything else, I’m not missing the wasted weekend mornings spent in bed sleeping off a headache.

Whilst the weather was good on Saturday I worked in the garden, pottering in the greenhouse and tidying the shed and coal house. And in the evening, Mr took me to see Eddie the Eagle. It was brilliant. If you get chance to see it, I can highly recommend it. Very uplifting, a good soundtrack, Hugh Jackman, what more could you ask for?! Well, Eddie only drank milk so the hero is sober too, added bonus!! I only just remember Eddie being in the Olympics, but had no concept of how much he had actually achieved. He never gave up!

Actually this should be in the #thingsthatmakemefeelbetter list, because that film is one of them, and I’m now watching Peter Kay’s Comedy Shuffle on BBC2, which is another.

Laughing is good 🙂


7 thoughts on “Day 17: Things that make me feel better #?”

  1. I’m sorry you’re struggling…it’s a difficult and complex thing, trying to quit. The last time I quit properly I did 400 days and then decided to go back to drinking. I thought I might be ‘cured’, but I no, I still have a strange relationship with alcohol. I don’t know if I’ll be sober for life, but I certainly want to put some distance between me and the booze.
    I think what I’m trying to do this time, is to take those moments when I feel good, and run with them. The times I don’t feel great, I’m trying to leave behind.
    One day at a time 🙂
    Thanks for being here 🙂


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