Can’t believe it’s day 24!

I’m still here and still sober…

Had some ups and downs both in terms of sobriety and infertility last week but I’m Ok! Happy to be sober. Erm, obviously not happy to be infertile but I think things are going in the right direction.

I had an ultrasound scan and blood test on Friday.  The ultrasound showed that the fibroid is bigger than we thought. Or should I say, bigger than it was. We don’t know the blood test results yet, but have a consultation booked for next week. I think they’ll probably recommend having the fibroid removed. Great. More surgery. I need to get back in touch with the nhs consultant for that. In an ideal world it would be done at the same time as the tube removal but I don’t know if it’s even that type of fibroid. So, more waiting until we know what’s what. I’m nervous about the AMH results too….

Day 24 sober, where did that come from! I’m feeling rather proud of myself – although I haven’t had to face any social events, I’m just being a hermit at the moment.

Hope you’re all happy and sober out there 🙂


7 thoughts on “Can’t believe it’s day 24!”

  1. Presumably now 25?! That’s amazing. Keep it up lady! Is it getting any easier or harder or the same? Seriously, it’s such an achievement. You should do something at the one month mark to celebrate (booze-free obviously!).

    I’m sorry about the fibroid. That’s a total bummer. Hopefully the consultant will have some good advice/know the best way to treat it x


    1. Hi! Thanks 🙂 Yes I keep forgetting about my appointment on weds…should find out more then.
      Not sure why but I just feel too wiped out to think about all the details at the moment. One day at a time… x


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