Day Four

Oh my gosh, I typed day 5 as the title by accident at first! Perhaps because I’ve been thinking it’s Friday all day. I’ve been busy, in a good way.

I’ve been feeling a lot better since I deleted my Facebook account, too. It has really helped me to stop comparing myself and my life to everything that I see on there.

Last night, we went to see Sue Perkins (co-presenter of the Great British Bake Off), live at the Opera House near us. We went for pizza beforehand and I had the lemon San Pellegrino. I was quiet, waiting for my ‘agoraphobia’ (not actual agoraphobia but I don’t think social anxiety is a thing when you’re only out with your husband!) to dissipate. I enjoyed  the show – it was funny, and despite my anxiety it was good to get out and see something different.

Today I watched one of the Recovery 2.0 interviews, the one with Holly Whittaker, who I adore. I am an email subscriber to Hip Sobriety and I love what she writes. Her message is basically that sober life is so much more, so much richer than just not drinking. If you do the work that is. I might even re-watch it now, it was so great to hear her talking about her experience and her ideas on sobriety. I highly recommend it. It also makes me think I should be getting out there and finding a yoga class to go to.

Lots of good things to think about! Plus tomorrow IS actually Friday 🙂




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