So I have signed consent for the laporotomy. I’m here, might as well give it my best shot. Wish me luck x


15 thoughts on “Consent”

    1. Hi Feeling 🙂
      I’m fine thanks, I have some pain and I’ve been very tired but I think the operation went as well as it could, so I’m happy about that!
      I must write a post, I’ve been very lazy 😕
      How are you? Hope everything is good xx

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      1. Hi WU, good to find you well. I have immense hospital fear so I guess I would still be shaking in my boots after several weeks.
        This moment I am fine. It has been a tough week. Or maybe: I have been tough on me this week; loads of self-destructive behaviour ’cause if I do not anymore have a boss who destructs me I might as well destruct myself?’ sort of thinking. Sigh. 😀 Need to get out of that and I am not going to analyse it but just do it. If I can, when I can. 🙂
        Wishing you good recovery!
        xx, Feeling

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      2. Thanks Feeling 🙂 I’m sorry it has been a tough week – change can be hard. I think you’re doing really great in that you saw what was going on in your situation and took control and did what was best for you. And just recognising the self destructive behaviour is huge…I’m sure that by seeing it and naming it for what it is is half the battle in overcoming it. I admire you! Xx

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      3. Change is indeed hard, maybe I underestimate that. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. No wonder I am so tired. Ghegheghe….
        And yes on the recognising, but still….. not liking it. I wish I was normal. 😉
        xx, Feeling


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