A hangover dream

Over the weekend my tablet stopped working, and even though I don’t have the delivery note or any proof of purchase other than my bank statement, thankfully the manufacturer has said they will repair it. Phew! This involves me packing it up and arranging collection by courier, then waiting a week or so for it to be fixed (hope that’s doable!) and then it’ll come back via courier.

The logistics side of things was obviously playing on my mind because last night I dreamt about it. Now, we know a woman who does local parcel deliveries, but it will be another courier service, not her, who takes my tablet and brings it back. But you know what dreams are like – anything goes…

We must be top of her list, because whenever something comes to us through her, it always sounds like she’s trying to come through the front door at 8 o clock in the morning! In the dream, I had been out the night before, with my husband and we’d been drinking. The knock on the door woke me up, the house was still, and my mouth was so dry. My head was pounding, and the feelings of shame came slowly filtering through my brain. That was as far as the dream went. I firmly decided I wasn’t going to move (don’t think I could have done), I’d let Mr W take care of it, and then the dream was over.

But even that small fraction was enough to remind me of the drinking days, when weekend hangovers were common. And the less frequent, but more shameful bad ones, when I couldn’t get up until midday or maybe even later. Ugh.

For almost six months now, I’ve been getting up day after day, hangover-free. I’ve found the winter hard to cope with – I don’t have the same energy as I had in summer. And I think I may be suffering from some kind of low level depression fairly constantly – maybe it is Seasonal Affective Disorder – so unfortunately I don’t bounce out of bed. I’ll have to see what spring brings. But whatever else I’m feeling, at least I’m no longer abusing my body in such a way as to be unable to function properly of a weekend morning – sometimes even all day…

What was it Belle said? ‘Drop that shit like a bad habit’ Oh yes! 🙂