The New Normal

I went back to work today. The holidays have been seven weeks long, and I was trying to put thoughts of work right out of my mind until the last possible moment. Last night I fully expected not to be able to sleep, but it wasn’t bad at all. Apart from a dream I had that was very vivid at the time. The details are a bit hazy now but I remember wondering if it had any meaning when it woke me up in the night. I was on a boat or ship, at sea. With some people I knew, and some I didn’t. We were in danger, there were baddies in disguise, and they were trying to get us. I think we got on a life boat, and it went under water. Somehow I knew I’d return to the surface, but it was terrifying nonetheless. I was crying in the dream, and I felt the fear and sadness still when I woke. Anyone have any ideas what that’s all about?
Work was good. I’m lucky to have a job I actually really like, after ten years of doing a job I loathed. Like any job though, there are things (or people, should I say) that make it stressful. Random question, but does anyone feel as though a certain ‘type’ of person is always in their work life? Whatever the situation, there is always that person making you feel the same way, have the same sort of issues/stresses/etc?? Or is it just me?
Anyway, half way through the afternoon, a though wheedled its way into my brain, ‘ooh, it would be great to have some wine tonight’… I haven’t felt that way for ages! Sober was beginning to feel like my new normal… Happily, that thought did not last long at all. It was only Wolfie taking a chance. Oh, here’s a situation we haven’t been in for a while, let’s just see if she’ll cave in.. Nope! No thanks! Posh cordial and soda water for me if it’s all the same:)
Full steam ahead tomorrow with work – everything gets going properly. More potential for stress…But look, look at me, I’m anticipating it! I know I need to line up some sober treats here, Belle has taught me well!!
Hope everyone is well and sober 🙂


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