Tired but re-focusing

I’ve been so tired the last couple of days, I’m thinking I might need the iron tablets from the pharmacy. I’m using supermarket own brand which maybe aren’t as good. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t try to save money on vitamins by buying cheap versions – there really is a big difference in quality between the non-branded and branded ones. Perhaps it’s the same for minerals. Painkillers, not so, apparently. Cheap is fine.

Of course it may not be the iron tablets at all. I’m having trouble sleeping because of the hot flushes. And last night I had endo pain, and put off taking the (cheap) painkillers thinking I would fall asleep…..Or could it just be because I’m sober? I think it’s day eleven today! I was really upbeat last week, and I’ve come down from that somewhat. I’m trying very hard not to take my eye off the ball this time though. I think that’s what has happened all these times I’ve done 7 – 14 days, I got lazy and my attention wandered.

So as I’m feeling a bit flat in general, to try and re-focus I’m listening to Belle – the audios I have are basically on a loop. ‘External factors’ was on there 3 times for some reason, so I heard ‘I will not drink, no matter what….‘ three times! She’s still going now, I’m back to my Sober Jumpstart audios. In fact she’s talking about sleep. Yep. Sleep is so great.

Although I’m not feeling particularly motivated, I decided I ought not to be a ‘coping cactus’ and I put the favourite bed linen on, and painted my toenails a cheerful shade of pink. Almond nail oil is next (fingers. maybe toes too?), and then sleep. Sweet dreams 🙂



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