trouble (not me) on day 9 (me)

It’s 11pm on day 9. I’m sober! I’ve eaten SO MUCH today! Mainly sugary things. sigh. Oh well, it has helped me get past the wine cravings. I’m half watching a film, husband has gone out. He was going into town to meet up with a friend’s stag party…they had been to the races this afternoon but unfortunately the stag got arrested!! No doubt I’ll find out the full story when Mr W comes home, but I gather it has something to do with not paying the bar bill. So alcohol consumption was involved somewhere along the line. The person texting my husband earlier was obviously under orders not to let anyone facebook this turn of events, but a ‘subtle’ comment had already made its way on there. I don’t know the stag but I’m really glad Mr W wasn’t with them. It sounds like a bit of a nightmare. He’s just gone into the village with another friend instead.

So yes, I was thinking about wine earlier, but I’m so glad I didn’t cave in. I have been irritable the last few days, but when I do feel that way I have been trying to calm down and let it go. I feel so much better than I did last weekend. Not much about my situation has changed, but I think I’m a bit more able to deal with it.

I’m also trying to deal with things one day at a time. We go on holiday to Turkey on 1st August for 10 days, and I’m a bit apprehensive about the temptations to drink. But I’m not thinking about it too much (too involved with work at the moment to think about much else during the week anyway), and hoping that by that point I’ll have got the hang of being sober and the cravings will have decreased a lot.

Oh, there’s a night out for work next Friday which might cause me some anxiety. I can drive there though, which will be good. And its basically a meal in a French restaurant, so I could quite acceptably leave after the meal – I wouldn’t need to go to a pub with them afterwards. One day, I will get the hang of social occasions and learn to enjoy them. I don’t think drinking would reduce the anxiety in some cases anyway, so I might as well be sober and not have the next morning ruined as well as feel anxious. And its more or less a dead cert that I wont get arrested!

Sweet dreams x


3 thoughts on “trouble (not me) on day 9 (me)”

  1. About 30 days out I worried a lot about my upcoming vacation and then, when it arrived, I fought one massive craving and then the rest was fine. Once I got started not drinking, others saw I wasn’t, it became easier. Just try to get through the first hurdle if you have one. Have plans in place to get through that!!

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